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The danger is apparently over. Toft asked Miek why she was late. Randall's very fussy. What a beautiful couple! Kelvin doesn't have time right now to help you. Can we trust anyone? Are you sure you can trust her? Word splicing is funny. She hired a private eye.

Precisely! What is the weather in Athens? Miho is a pianist. Bill may be watching this game at the stadium. How fast was Thomas going? Bank services are getting more and more expensive. Pedro yodels.

I've got to find the cause quickly, get out of this slump and live up to Mr. Tanizaki's expectations. Damone is in the prime of life.

Do I need another reason? I'm stuck in traffic, I'll be there at ten.

She has lost all hope. Teaching ESL is usually a gig for losers and boozers. How often you get a chance to do something like this? She died in your arms. Their nationalism was one cause of the war. Devastating groundhog invasions afflicted a small town in Texas. I'll get some.

Keep your nose out of my business. They braved the snow storm. How is your religion relevant on planet Mars?

These are my best friends. I want to take a closer look at that. It's Sidney's handwriting.

I ought to have written the letter yesterday. We need to talk to each other more often. Gunter is doing the wash. We often play hookey from school. He doesn't even know that I exist. The air is fresh in the morning.

Why are the police questioning Gene? It has also been my honour to meet you. It could be them.

You can't defeat Fletcher without my help. We bought (it). Water expands when it freezes. He hasn't been here long. I found the broken camera. As a kid I usually played baseball after school. She came near being run over. Pass me that hammer. That distinction was well-deserved. The question is who'll do it.

I'll follow Carl. Vivek betrayed Marie. Give me a sec. The child's body felt feverish. Two men are trying to get a handle on what's wrong with the car. You're being silly.

Please don't listen to Sandip. He who will succeed must work hard. I'm supposed to be on duty now. The parents want their children to study.

Watch out! Their job is to cut the vegetables. Do they know about us? Bush followed Reagan as president. Have you ever smelled this perfume? Why are you standing here? Drivers have to attend to the traffic signal. I just spoke to him. Urs didn't know where his family was.

This medicine has no harmful side-effects. The plural form of "louse" is "lice". Rainer is busy running an errand for his father. Is it true that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from citizens who want them? I'm sorry I've caused so many problems.

Don't doubt the effectiveness of this medicine. How can we ever thank you? Norman has a beautiful smile. I know it's a lot to ask. I have two good friends. What little money I had was stolen. The woman is eating bread.

Does it bother you?

Silicon is a semiconductor. I'm sorry to bother you at a time like this. I want to know if you've been talking to Jeannie. Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it. We don't accept charity. It's warm enough to swim. Rachel Corrie was an American who was killed in Gaza. People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely because chickens run about so absurdly that it's impossible to count them accurately. I wonder if there's a connection.

Josh and Maria waited for the lift together. I never wash the dishes unless I'm told to. I'll never deceive you. Don't listen to him, he's talking nonsense. Do any of the members agree with you? One morning he saw a pretty girl. Is there somebody else here? I'll take it up with her. It was a very slow train. It stopped at every little station.